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“Ray’s Filling and Service is an oasis of hope within the morass of rip-off artists and just plain stupid people in the car repair industry! For the past 30 years ( and I can’t believe I’m that old) I’ve been bringing my most precious possession to them. They have treated me and my car with the utmost respect and consideration. Even though as a customer I am  a little bit of a pain for morning which isn’t my time to succeed in life and I am usually late- many times they have told me how to save money and when I could hold off having something done. That’s good customer service! My car is always fixed properly and I don’t have to keep going back because they didn’t do something or it wasn’t fixed correctly. They explain and show me what’s been done to my car. You can go in and see what they are doing. NO SHADY BUSINESS HERE! Again great customer service! Their friendliness and sense of humor makes going to get your car fixed as much fun as it can be. I love the place. I am very loyal to businesses that treat their customers the old fashion way with courtesy and respect. Try it- you will never go back to the dealer again!”

Regards, Pam M

“A mechanic I can trust Filling and Service goes above and beyond on auto repairs and maintenance, they get the job done correctly. Most importantly, I know that I am always given a fair price. If they recommend something needs fixing, it needs fixing, not because they are “upselling” me. It’s reassuring to know that I will always get value, quality and honest service at Filling and Service. Thanks Ray, Bryan and Crew”

John K

“Ray & Bryan.

You have always been reliable, thorough and get things done in a timely fashion. We appreciate the convenience of the your pick -up and delivery service its has made maintaining our cars a breeze.”


“Dear Ray,

Just a brief note to let you know we recently moved from New Hyde Park to Connecticut. We want to say a special thank you to you and your staff for many years of excellent and reliable service you provided. Over 40 years we started with Bob and continued with you when you took over. We have NEVER been disappointed with the quality of workmanship done to any of our vehicles, repairs were always done in a timely fashion and your advice and input were always appreciated. We would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone and have recommended you to several people already- including the family who purchased our home. We can only hope to find someone as good and reliable as you in Connecticut.

Again, a special thank you!!”

Sincerely, Mike & Rosemary A

Filling and Service is an excellent business. I have been a customer for almost 30 years and they have always provided my vehicles with quality automotive repair and maintenance. For quite a while I was on the road for my job and I always felt safe and protected behind the wheel because I knew that my car had been thoroughly checked for anything that might need to be taken care of. That is a wonderful feeling when the morning might find me in Long Island City and the afternoon in Riverhead.

Their customer service is superlative. No work is ever done without consultation and a clear explanation of the work and parts needed. It is done in a timely manner with respect for the client’s needs. They send out prompts for oil changes and inspections. Everyone who works at Filling and Service is warm, helpful, attentive, courteous and professional.

In a time when small businesses are becoming endangered species, Filling and Service has thrived because the Codoluto family and all of the technicians are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their customer base.”

Linda McGuiness

“When my daughter was driving an old car that I thought might need brakes I asked them to check them four times before they finally agreed with me. They have also worked on Saturns, VW bugs, Volvos, and Mazdas that I or someone in my family owns. They are just great.”

reviewer #81119

“Ray is such a wonderful and caring person that if he wasn’t a mechanic he’d be a surgeon.He almost looks pained when he has to tell you the bad news about your car. A more honest person(much less a mechanic) you won’t meet.”

reviewer #81118

“This is a really fantastic family business. Ray and his son run a great shop and Ray’s wife works the front office. They are always friendly, fair, thorough and timely. They always take the time to explain the problem, explain the price, explain how long it will take and explain any delays or problems. (When my car is there, I talk to Ray more than I talk to my wife!!) I imagine they respond well when they screw up, but to be honest, they’ve never screwed up my car. Everything has always been fixed the way they say it will. These are honest, hard working people who run an honest, customer-oriented business.”

reviewer #81117